CVR World Cup announced the formation of the CVR World Cup Team Tour today.  The CVR World Cup Team Tour is a professional, team-oriented league.  The CVR World Cup Team Tour will utilize unique formats that demand team racing.

The top cash prize is anticipated to exceed $20,000.  Any team competing at the CVR World Cup Finals will receive a minimum of $6,250.  All teams successfully completing the season will win a minimum $2,000 cash prize.

Successful completion of the season means that a minimum of five racers, six for mixed teams, participated in, completed, and streamed in every race of the season.  That at least five, six for mixed teams, attend the finals if they earn a spot, and that the power curves of the racers on the team are reasonably similar to power curves demonstrated at in-person events, especially CVR World Cup Finals.

Teams can have up to a ten-person roster, 12 racers for mixed teams (see below).  The roster must be set at the start of the season.  The cost of entry into the Team Tour is US$2,000 per team.

The CVR World Cup Team Tour is as much about the athletes and the teams as it is about the tour and so from the outset, we will be setting up a team and athlete committees as part of the governing structure of the CVR World Cup Team Tour.  While the inaugural season is suggested to start with, and last as long as, the CVR World Cup 2019 Winter Season, providing a suggestion for the start and duration of the first CVR World Cup Team Tour will be the first order of business handled by the team and athlete committees.

Space in the CVR World Cup Team Tour is limited and time is of the essence.

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If you have any questions, please email Vanessa Mauerhan at [email protected]