Braking tips

I saw a post talking about braking and some struggles people were having. I have a controller so I actually use my right-hand brake. It is, however, the same as using the keyboard just more convenient/intuitive. Using my brake lever I find the braking to be realistic. When using from the keyboard, however, an understanding of how the braking works may be very helpful.
To feather your breaks, tap the down arrow slowly (the rate at which you tap will change the “feather”). If you want to brake hard press and hold the down arrow. The longer you hold the harder your braking will be. So if you want to brake semi-hard, pump the brake every so often, to reset the amount of brake pressure you are applying to the rim (that is how the physics engine does it).
Finally, to practice braking, you can use the accelerometer display below speed to see how much you are braking. The harder you are braking (actually decelerating) the more red you will see (it grows to the left). BTW you can also see your acceleration it shows in green and grows to the right).