CVRcade Vision Point – Physical Equalization™

April 15, 2019

One of the key elements of Physical Equalization™ is that it provides trust and fairness. Physical Equalization means that riders who are competitive over more than one or two races can be trusted. They AND THEIR EQUIPMENT are CALIBRATED by the system, AS THEY RIDE, EVERY TIME THEY RIDE against the whole of their competition.
This does not mean that on any given day you won’t see physical differences in the performance of riders. Why? Because as anyone who does physical activities knows your physical performance varies from day to day. PE does not try and eliminate the variability it embraces it. It counts on it.
If you are having a good physical day, you should have a good physical performance day on CVRcade. That is how it is designed. It is designed to reflect how you are doing physically not eliminate that. The best way to get an edge in Cade is to be improving your physical performance over time. This is by design as well. We want to encourage people to get fitter.
But Cade is about more than just physical performance. You must have a brain as well. You can quickly nullify a good physical day by crashing in a race. To be good at Cade, you have to be smart. We see time and time again that the easiest path to high performance on Cade is not to make mistakes.
Because of daily variability in physical performance, as well as longer-term trends there, and because of the amount of skill involved, people will have breakout days on Cade. We WANT that, and we want that to be rewarded with success. Everyone should celebrate those days with the riders who have them, confident in the fact the system is watching and in the understanding that breakout days can and do happen. They should also be confident in the fact that tomorrow those people will be a bit more equal based on their breakthrough and that will lead to some of the most fun and exciting racing and riding in the future.
In another post, which I will make shortly, I will address where Physical Equalization is, what is coming, and how we address attempts to game the system (first by making it very difficult). But I will stop here, on this post, so that people first get the vision of PE and my post doesn’t become a book.
As always, we look forward to your thoughts.